2018 Building Community, Building Hope

Building Community, Building Hope

This year’s annual Rebuilding for Learning Summit took place on Monday, October 29th, 2018, at the La Crosse Center. The on-going collaboration between La Crosse County, City of La Crosse, and School District of La Crosse – and well over 30 frontline organizations working directly in support of youth and families – was yet another outstanding experience.

This year’s theme, BUILDING COMMUNITY, BUILDING HOPE, featured a compelling meld of national and local speakers including, but not limited to: Dr. Sharroky Hollie, Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz, Jim Sporleder, Reggie Jackson, Kevin Honeycutt, Dr. J P Leary, Betsy Delzer, Sarah Johnson, Nicole Milliren, the Resilience Film, Judi Zabel, Janessa Hill, Christie Harris, Dr. Laurie Cooper Stoll, Xong Xiong, BLACK, Maxine Jacobs, and more!

The session focused around the Creating a Resilient and Trauma-Informed Community, Kaleidoscope Model of Change framework; disrupting the cycle, restoring lives, strengthening resilience, establishing shared knowledge and understanding to support trauma-informed values, actions, and systems, and creating a connected, healthy and resilient community.

To start the day, Mayor Kabat, County Administrator Steve O’Malley, and Superintendent of Schools Randy Nelson kicked off the day sharing how their organizations are working together to creating a community that disrupts the cycle and restores lives together, not as individual organizations. Keynote speaker Dr. Sharroky Hollie introduced the audience to some crucial tools to answer the question, “Am I culturally and linguistically responsive?”  As Dr. Hollie put it, we all need a little swagger, it’s not just for athletes and celebrities, cause we are the best of the best.  Check it out here Swagger by Dr. Hollie

Breakout Sessions Included:

  • La Crosse Police Department Collaboration Efforts – La Crosse Police Department
  • A Focus on Culture and Its Instructional Benefits – Dr. Sharroky Hollie from The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • A Community’s Collective Response to Trauma – Jim Sporleder from Jim Sporleder Trauma Informed Consulting
  • Who you gonna call?…Mental Health Intake (784-HELP) – Jaimie Basina, Angie Smith, Cassie Ross from Mobile Crisis
  • Battery Drained: Come Learn How to Get a Boost – Christie Harris from Gundersen Health System
  • LGBTQ Youth 101 & Discovery Dating Overview – Alesha Schandelmeier from The Center: 7 Rivers LGBTQ and Arlette Rodriguez-Miller from New Horizon Shelter
  • A Collective Response to Becoming a Trauma Responsive Community – Jim Sporleder from Jim Sporleder Trauma Informed Consulting
  • Mindful Living and Education 101 and Mindful Living: A Deeper Dive (Part 2) – Betsy Delzer from Middleton Cross Plains School District
  • The Story of Act 31: Knowing Why Shows How – Dr. J P Leary from University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
  • Knowing the Past, Heal the Future: Trauma-Informed Work for Racial Equity – Reggie Jackson and Fran Kaplan from Nurturing Diversity Partners
  • ACEs and Resilience Building 101 – Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz from ESSDACK
    • Missed this session…check it out here: https://youtu.be/5UonwWnX3HY
  • Providing Empowering Holistic, Cultural, Linguistic and Trauma Informed Care Services to the Hmoob Community – Xong Xiong from Cia Siab, Inc.
  • The Journey Beyond Trauma – Maxine Jacobs
  • Youth Marijuana Use – Judi Zabel and Coulee Council on Addiction
  • Building Resilience in the Midst of Adversity – Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz from ESSDACK