Summer 2014 UCLA Newsletter

The community of La Crosse, Wisconsin is recognized on page 13 of the above linked newsletter of  The Center for Mental Health in Schools which operates under the auspices of the School Mental Health Project in the Dept. of Psychology, UCLA. Center Staff are Howard Adelman and Linda Taylor, Co-Directors; Perry Nelson, Coordinator and a host of graduate and undergraduate students.

Co-Directors Adelman and Taylor state: Over the last two decades, work on transforming student and learning supports has blossomed across the country. Changes encompass (a) a fundamental shift in school improvement policy, (b) development of a unified, comprehensive, and equitable system of intervention, (c) reworking of operational infrastructure, and (d) strategic implementation that accounts for replication-to-scale and sustainability.

This special edition highlights the following:

  •  Alabama and Learning Supports: A state department moves from compliance to leading a transformation
  • Gainesville City Schools, Georgia: Trailblazing
  • Hawaii, Iowa, Ohio, Louisiana, Illinois: A step forward, sometimes a step back
  • Minnesota: Another beginning (In Stillwater and Bloomington)
  • La Crosse, WI and Phoenix, AZ: Two districts exploring the possibilities of Critical Lessons Learned About Facilitating Transformation


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