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“We weren’t sure what was available for our son, or where we should start. This site helped us find some helpful options.”

– Mary B., La Crosse


“Together we are stronger and more effective than each of us working individually in our own silos.”

– Dr. Troy Harcey, La Crosse


“We’re poised to continue to make significant strides in our journey, and it’s exciting to think that we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.  Together we can – and will – ensure every child in La Crosse has the opportunity to succeed!”

– Jason Witt, La Crosse County Human Services Director


“Rebuilding for Learning efforts led by the La Crosse School District, La Crosse County and the City of La Crosse, are directly tied to better engagement of students.  Rebuilding for Learning emphasizes the role that blighted neighborhoods may have in disengaging students, and the impact this plays on student’s ability to learn in the classroom.”

– Karl Green, Community Resource Educator – La Crosse County UW Extension


“To successfully address complex issues, we must build on the positive momentum that’s started. Creating meaningful cross-sector partnerships, with an open mind, is the only path forward to ensuring that families, no matter their income, can move to this beautiful city to find better opportunities and upward social mobility.                                                                                                                                                       

– Caroline (Neilsen) Gregerson, City of La Crosse Community Development Administrator