Rebuilding for Learning Steering Committee

Charge: To serve as a big-picture point of communication among all City, County, School District, and community-level collaborative efforts that are each working to reduce the social and economic barriers to learning among La Crosse students.


Each member agency is responsible for reporting regularly on relevant developments among the programs within their purview that affect the whole. The intent of these reports is to make appropriate connections among the efforts that will advance their individual and collective missions.  In Collective Impact terms, the Steering Committee will act as the backbone organization and will ensure continuous communication among the agencies and programs that have committed to a common agenda through mutually reinforcing activities.  The Steering Committee will identify shared measurements for gauging the success of these activities and will leverage common networks such as the Family Policy Board to share developments and ideas with the professional community.


Common Agenda. Recommend that the Steering Committee select a common agenda for each year to focus communication around a topic, but one that is broad enough to impact all of the partners.


Steering Committee membership is fluid depending on the involvement of both partner agencies and the individuals representing them.  (Is there a path from each organization to the community/project/program/institution that needs to be connected? If not, find a rep.)


Consists of the following agencies and the programs they are best connected with (but do not necessarily represent their views):


School District

  • Administration
  • Principals/buildings
  • Teachers/Support Staff
  • Students


County, representing:

  • Human Services
    • La Crosse Family Collaborative
    • System of Care
    • Family Policy Board
    • Juvenile Justice
    • SQUAD
  • Health
    • Education program
    • Community Health Improvement Plan/Community Needs Assessment
    • Community Pathways Hub
    • Heroin Task Force



  • Planning
    • Housing
    • Urban/community development
  • Law enforcement
  • Mayor’s office
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Library
  • Other City offices



UW Extension (community development)

  • La Crosse Promise (specific to Karl)
  • Housing Studies (Karl)
  • Others?


Health Science Consortium

  • Alcohol coalition (until funding ends)
  • Behavioral health grant
  • Medical Centers (not representative but can make contacts)
  • Higher Education Institutions (ditto)
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Coordinated Community Response (CCR)


What representation is missing, or are they represented currently?

  • Mental Health Coalition
  • Disability community
  • Cultural groups
  • Couleecap/Homelessness coalition