Rebuilding for Learning Summit – A Look Back Through Time

2017 Rebuilding for Learning Summit VI on August 31, 2017

Making Connections: Our Community, Our Home

  • Superintendent’s Opening and Welcome Back Message

Preview YouTube video Opening Day 2017: Superintendent’s Opening and Welcome Back

  • Resilience to Redemption. – Derek Clark

Preview YouTube video Rebuilding For Learning 2017: Resilience to Redemption with Derek Clark

  • Compassion Fatigue: Helping the Helper.

Preview YouTube video Rebuilding For Learning 2017: Compassion Fatigue with Amy Cunningham

  • Your Student Told You WHAT?! What to Say and Do When a Student Shares Sensitive Information.

Preview YouTube video Rebuilding For Learning 2017: Your Student Said What?

  • First Nations People and Trauma.

Preview YouTube video Rebuilding For Learning 2017: First Nations – People and Trauma

  • La Crosse Area Family Collaborative & System of Care: Supporting Our Families and Youth Through Intervention and Collaboration.

Preview YouTube video Rebuilding For Learning 2017: Supporting Our Families

  • Building Relationships: Restoring Trust.

Preview YouTube video Rebuilding For Learning 2017: Closing Speech with Tom Thibodeau

2016 Rebuilding for Learning Summit VI on August 30, 2016

  • Fostering Resilient Learners, What does it really mean to be trauma informed? Promotion of resilience despite adversity. -Kristin Souers
  • La Crosse System of Care & Juvenile Justice Best Practice: From collective intentions to collective impact.
  • School District of La Crosse: Continuum of social & emotional supports.
  • La Crosse Boys & Girls Club: At risk youth…A formula for impact.
  • The Tangled Roots of Act 31: American Indians & education policy in Wisconsin.
  • Trauma is a word, not a sentence: Promoting resilience in our youth.
  • When bad things happen to children: Understanding children that hurt.
  • La Crosse Area Family Collaborative: Empowered families, thriving communities.
  • All of us need to believe we belong.
  • AIDS Resource Center of WI: Harm reduction & opiate overdose prevention.
  • Social Dynamics of Ostracism
  • REJECT Documentary: The Science of Belonging.
  • Gunderkids.
  • La Crosse YMCA: Resiliency along the youth development roadmap.
  • Overview of Child Protective Services & foster care licensure.
  • School District of La Crosse: Cultural liaison program.
  • Connecting the dots between childhood experiences & adult physical, emotional & mental health.
  • After ACEs: Be a springboard of hope through a trauma-informed approach.
  • Coordinated service teams.
  • We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. -Tom Thibodeau

2015 Rebuilding for Learning: 5th Annual Summit Continuing Our Journey as a Compassionate & Responsive Community on August 11, 2015

  • Poverty and Racial Equity: What will be La Crosse’s AHA moment?
  • Children’s Mental Health: Aligning Action with Science and Data
  • Breakout Sessions

2014 Rebuilding for Learning 4th Annual Summit Supporting Youth and Families by Creating a Trauma-Responsive Community on August 12, 2014

  •  Department of Children & Families Trauma Initiative
  • Catching Kids Before They Fall: A Paradigm Shift that is Responsive to Trauma
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Native Americans and Trauma
    • Creating a Trauma-Responsive Community
    • Community: It’s About All of Us
    • Healing Work with our Kids
    • Trauma-Informed Caregiving
    • ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) & Trauma-Informed Care
  • Leadership: It’s About All of Us

2013 La Crosse Community 3rd Annual Rebuilding for Learning: Barriers to Learning Summit on August 13, 2013

  • Introduction of Content Arenas
    • Community Outreach for Involvement and Collaborative Support
    • Transitions
    • Home Involvement in Schooling
    • Crisis Assistance and Prevention
    • Student and Family Assistance
    • Classroom Approaches
  • Spring 2013 Student Survey Results
  • Enhancing Communications Sumcommittee Report
  •  One La Crosse Family’s Journey
  • Small Group Work Time
  • Content Arenas Report Out to Large Group

 2012 La Crosse Community Summit on August 16, 2012

  • Community Collaboration for Children and Families: A Win-Win for La Crosse
  • Work Group Sessions
    • What do we know about our content area from our work to date?
    • So now what has to take place to maximize our collective work?
    • What other information do we need to begin action planning?
    • What group (if any) is missing at our work group table?
    • Draft Goal Statement
    • Report Out

2011 Barriers to Learning on August 16, 2011

  • What is Rebuilding Learning?
  • What are the barriers to learning faced by students and parents?
  • What services to your agencies offer to address the aforementioned Barriers to Learning?
  • What are our local barriers?
  • How can these barriers be addressed?