2019 Know Your Impact!


Know Your Impact! Today is Full of Possibilities

This year’s annual Rebuilding for Learning Summit took place on Monday, October 28th, 2019, at the La Crosse Center. The on-going collaboration between La Crosse County, City of La Crosse, and School District of La Crosse – and well over 30 frontline organizations working directly in support of youth and families – was yet another outstanding experience.

This year’s theme, KNOW YOUR IMPACT! Today is Full of Possibilities, featured a compelling meld of national and local speakers including, but not limited to: Paul Schmitz, Carolyn Bostrack, Reggie Jackson, Southside Moms United, Showing Up for Racial Justice, Chad Dull, Betsy Delzer, La Crosse SOUP, Dr. Michael Lichucki, Widening the Circle, Interfaith Alliance, and more!

Welcome to Rebuilding for Learning – Superintendent Randy Nelson

Keynote Presentations:

Breakout Sessions Included:

    • Alliance to Heal – Al Bliss, Carissa Pagel-Smith, Dr. Chris Eberlein
    • Health Strategies for Today and Tomorrow in La Crosse County – Jen Rombalski
    • How to Build a Safe Zone for LGBTQ+ – Heather Quackenboss
    • La Crosse SOUP – A Recipe for Building and Strengthening Our Community – Josh Court
    • Mindful Living: Working with Awareness – Betsy Delzer
    • School District of La Crosse Equity Scorecard – Dr. Michael Lichucki
    • WisCorps – Matthew Brantner and Stephanie Hanna
    • More Perfect Union: Helping Our Children Succeed in a Multicultural Society – Reggie Jackson
    • Awakened Justice: The Intersection of Mindfulness & Racial Justice – Betsy Delzer and Antonio Hoye
    • Poverty Informed Practice – Chad Dull
    • Radical Collaboration and An End to Homelessness – Piloting a Strategy for Resolving Complex Community Problems – Julie McDermid
    • Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Schools Through Partnerships: Example & Tips – Teri Wildt and Sarah Havens
    • The Good Fight – Nathaniel Coleman, Jr.
    • What is Cia Siab, Inc.? – Xong Xiong, Ed.D.
    • Diverse Books to Save the World – Melissa Murray, Jeanne Halderson, Lila Planavsky, and Josh Wolcott
    • Better Together – Bethany Thier
    • Community, Justice, and Faith – Dr. Mark Solyst
    • Creating a Healthier Multicultural Community – Maggie Xiong, Pat Lunney, Darrell Ferguson, Mary Nelson and Thomas Harris
    • How Marine Credit Union is Advancing Lives – Majel Hein and Liz Malott
    • La Crosse: Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization – Ashley Lacenski, Caroline Gregerson, and Hetti Brown
    • Southside/Northside Moms United – Bridget Todd-Robbins
    • Trauma Sensitive Sports Programming & Activity Centered Trauma Support – Coach Rob
    • White Fragility – Ben Burns
    • Widening the Circle: Creating Learning Environments for Native American and Hmoob Youth – Tracy Littlejohn