2022 Whole Child, Whole Family, Whole Community

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Guest Panel:

  • Alex Attardo, Director of Education and Outreach, La Crosse Community Theatre
  • Stephen Conrad, Human Resources Director, La Crosse County
  • Tonya Wagner, Dean of College of Business, Viterbo University

Community Priorities – The 5 Pillars

  • Curt Teff, School District of La Crosse​

Morning Session

  • Mentally Healthy Youth

    • The community supports a broad range of prevention, early intervention and intensive intervention strategies that help identify mental health issues early and connect youth to the right level of care at the right time to support healthy development and recovery.

    • Guest Panel: Diana DiazGranados, Aimee Zabrowski, and Justice Lawson

  • Safe from Abuse and Neglect

    • The community supports a system that disrupts childhood trauma and maltreatment early and prioritizes family unification whenever appropriate and possible through comprehensive family and community supports.

    • Guest Panel: Erin Malak, Isaac Hoffman, and Tracy Trussoni

  • Out of the Criminal Justice System

    • The community supports an enhanced and preventative youth justice system that prioritizes accountability for low risk offenses outside of the criminal justice system first through interventions and supports. For youth with complex needs and behaviors, the community supports comprehensive interventions, treatments and supports, based on youth risk, that ensure youth are rehabilitated and our community is safe.

    • Guest Panel: Bridget Todd-Robbins, Phil Steggeman, Tracie Stinson, Lt. Linnea Miller

Afternoon Session

  • At School, Ready to Learn

    • The community supports a broad range of prevention, early intervention and intensive intervention strategies that ensure all youth are at school, ready to learn and properly address chronic absenteeism. The community supports strategies that include incentivizing and improving student attendance as well as meaningful accountability for youth and families who are chronically absent.

    • Guest Panel: Alicia Place, Mya, Lou

  • On Track to Graduate

    • The community supports the wraparound needs of youth who face complex barriers to learning. These supports include in-school and out-of-school services that can mitigate adversity, address learning loss, strengthen learner readiness skills, and keep youth on track for graduation.

    • Guest Panel: Tiegen Meiners and Nate Coleman

  • Closing Featuring Guests Nate Coleman and James Bakke

    • Conversation facilitated by Bridget Todd-Robbins


Roundtable Responses