Mission, Goals…

Rebuilding for Learning Steering Committee



Strengthen collaboration and improve communication between the City, School District and County in the area of family and youth services (as charged by our “parent” group”)



Ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed by addressing barriers students face that prevent them from coming into the classroom ready to learn.  (Addressing barriers faced by children or their parents related to mental health, substance abuse, lack of basic needs or disruptive and pre-criminal behavior.)



Create more integrated (“seamless”) systems across our agencies and within the following levels of intervention: prevention, early intervention and treatment.



  1. Maintain good communication and working relationships among system leaders.
  2. Plan an annual ”summit” that advances our integration strategy.
  3. Maintain a website that provides information on the Rebuilding for Learning Initiative.
  4. Identify either new or existing efforts that the RBL Steering Committee could support which advance the strategy of system integration.

Efforts Supported to Date

  • Better coordination of information sharing
  • Filling the gap of early intervention services for children at risk of abuse or neglect
  • Filling gap of early intervention for youth whose behavior disrupts the classroom and puts them at risk of entering the juvenile justice system

Possible Future Focus Areas

  • Trauma-informed care (coordinate Gundersen)
  • More countywide expansion of RBL (engaging other school districts as both planning and resource partners)
  • Early intervention for children facing mental health challenges (coordination with the behavioral health project)
  • Work on increasing knowledge of and engaging in RBL efforts within our agencies.


Meeting Focus:

Used as a monthly “face to face” communication forum to check in on existing projects and identify additional areas to advance goal of system integration.  “Heavy lifting” on specific projects or efforts done by subcommittees or related groups content arena groups