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Coordinating Our Services on Behalf of the Community

Mr. Steve O'Malley

Mr. Steve O’Malley

The joint effort of the City of La Crosse, School District of La Crosse and the County of La Crosse to coordinate our services on behalf of the people of the area has been successful in helping us all improve the quality of life of the people we serve. We have found ways over the last six years to be more efficient and effective in purchasing, planning and responding to the needs of our mutual constituencies through improved transportation, health care, human services, economic support, education and the list goes on.
The three year Rebuilding for Learning Initiative is a case in point. The Summits held for the last three years have provided the opportunity for staff at our three organizations to meet over our common interest of finding ways to expand on past successes. Successes that support families and children so that our community’s children have the greatest potential to learn and become adults with high quality of life. No small task.
This website is one part of the larger effort to help us all be aware of sources of information, tools and services that can help each of us be more effective in our effort to prepare youth to be happy and productive members of society no matter what path they choose.
One of these tools linked to the Rebuilding Learning site “Compass Now”. This community needs assessment coordinated by the Great Rivers United Way in cooperation with over 30 public and private organizations and based upon community surveys and key informant groups identifies needs in health, education, economy and community services. It is used as a guide for philanthropic, governmental and private organizations in their long term planning process to improve their efforts to help our community.
Services that the County of La Crosse provides impacts the education of children in our community. We can be sure we are being most effective when we are working in collaboration with our colleagues.