Reminding Ourselves of the Importance of Our Rebuilding Work

As we begin our fifth year in developing our Rebuilding for Learning efforts  – we need to look around to see what outcomes have been made, where we see positive attitudes towards change, and perhaps remind ourselves of the importance of the Rebuilding for Learning work.

Rebuilding for Learning has been described as an effort – but what it truly involves is an active partnership between La Crosse School District, the City of La Crosse, and La Crosse County.  This Partnership involves commitment and vision towards tearing down the educational and developmental roadblocks students or young families may face from within their schools, families, neighborhoods, and even themselves.

Mr. Karl Green

Mr. Karl Green

Through this partnership, six committees are actively working to develop institutional change within each of the participating organizations to better accommodate student educational progress. These six committees – called content arenas, focus on specific components of the public educational spectrum as it relates to students educational and personal lives.  Through a refined and deliberate effort to better align the civic, human and educational services our organizations provide; we begin to better understand both our students and our community’s needs.  Each of our organization’s ability to coordinate our responses between organizations improves the outcomes for young families.


The Rebuilding for Learning effort helps galvanize our partnership by recognizing the important role each organization plays in developing a vibrant, high quality of life  in our neighborhoods, and communities through the development of vibrant, educated young people and young families.


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